Friday, June 29, 2012

Necessity for action...

Beautiful Koi
Sometimes I feel like a tightly coiled chayote vine, squiggled around itself again and again. In less than a week, I will be 63 years young/old...whatever. What progress have I made? Some in my eating, well actually quite a bit. I'm learning not to do such large quantities of either mealtime or emotional eating. Yes, my situation is challenging right now. Looking into some ideas where I can do to be in business for myself and keep me busy, maybe away from the computer more (HA!) Do I want to continue writing? Well, I guess, but I've lost the impetus for right now, maybe from being sick. I'll pick it up again, but I want to be sure I'm ready to write the articles I choose, since I've been choosing articles then not having the energy to write them. Also want (once more) to investigate other sites where I can write/submit articles to get paid. 

WOW...talking to Mina today helped me. I tried not to stay so much into myself, but focus on her. Mina and her family have gone through an incredibly challenging time - Mina nearly dying, Ginny being sick, Mina's dog and cat dying...I'm sure it's been a financially challenging time as well. Glad I finally made the effort to call her. 

A couple things more I want to do, then get out of here to walk - to CVS, maybe to UPS, if it's open (or do that Monday), plus Monday go to DMV and retake the test. I've been avoiding that for some reason. DUH!