Monday, May 21, 2012

It's a "It Figures" day...

Monday's engine is so difficult to get started. I feel locked in a downward spiral and just don't know how to get going - to accomplish anything or figure out what kind of work to do. Of course, the one job that answers me on CL is a scam. It Figures. I don't like to post for work on there, since I only get scams. I wonder if anyone gets straight answers on that site.

Dang! I'm just in a rotten mood tonight. Well, off to make some dinner - don't have much. I would have had more, but when I left to go to Albertson's, I forgot the gift card. It Figures...

Well, I don't want to post too much that's negative or depressing, so I'm going to make some dinner and watch the end of House.

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