Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One more once...

I did it - I started writing an article too late to submit it, plus being unable to write another. Not sure what's going on, but I was doing very well for awhile. I can't let this either slow or get me down, since  I can get there quite easily. Been struggling with it, huh? My eating proves that.

Today I received the cutest card from a 4-month old (okay, his mother) in Finland. I liked receiving this postcard. There are beautiful purple flowers on the front of it.

When I return from Albertson's - yes! this time I have the gift card in my wallet! I will work on writing some springtime poems for SGVPQ Springtime edition and for the other post x'ing cards I need to send out.

Emailed Organic Liaison that I would come to the workout tomorrow night. Yes, I will do my best to make it. I need to exercise and it will probably be better if it's with a group. Exercising on my own stops shortly after it starts. Although, I'm glad not to be going to a gym, I miss it somewhat. Well, now the Bally's I went to isn't that anymore, but something else.

Tonight I have to make a list of things to talk to Dr Lyons about. It's the only way I can remember all of them and get any good out of the visit.

Okay, one more thing to do before I go - fix the bed and maybe take the plastic off the box  spring after first checking it for bugs. If I take the plastic off, maybe it will help the bed from sliding so much.

Onwards and upwards...then outwards...  I think I'd like to be a hummingbird... ;-) or any kind of bird sometimes...  

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