Friday, May 18, 2012

T.G.I.F. or so it appears...

Woke up late today, since I rebelled and stayed up until 3 am. But, for some reason, I feel energized. I have plenty of time to work on 5 articles, so I'm going to use today to get ahead on them, then - and only then - can I pick up more articles to write. Did my research on the 5 articles last night, so I'm a little bit ahead of the game. And after yesterday's bodily abuse - eating like a slob! - I want to be gentle with myself today, so I'll think of myself as a beautiful, fragile, God-created flower.

I received a nice compliment on one of my articles - the one I wrote about Bonsai. It was a fun and interesting article to write, plus learning something about a beautiful garden art.


Even though confusion about all that's broken in my life still reigns supreme, I started praying earnestly about it last night as I tried to fall asleep. Maybe that's the key - it's not so much definitive words I use, or specific needs I pray for, but the honesty from my heart and soul that I pour out to God. Ya think?

Not necessarily in the following order:

In the next week, I must study and know the information in the DMV booklet, plus raise the money before 6/4 to get a great haircut - at Faroh's - who is the only hairdresser to cut my hair exactly as I like it. I think this will go a long way towards helping me to feel better.

Next, I have to break through my social anxiety - even in small ways - to attend some kind of event. Tonight, will see how I feel about going to see Lisa Marie perform in Pasadena. Yeah, it's scary to go out at night...not because of danger, just my own feeling about leaving my apartment. VULNERABILITY!  Saturday, I want to go to the haiku workshop at Pacific Asia Museum, it's earlier than Catalina (plus I won't run into 2 people who dislike me - Lynne and Leah - just don't need that NEGATIVITY, even though I won't hear Jack), plus closer to transportation back home, so I can get to bed early and get up for church (I REALLY WANT TO GO!) on Sunday.

To be continued...  

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