Monday, May 7, 2012

Walking, walking...

Yesterday I went for a walk in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. You'd think this is a place that would make me feel sad, after all it's mostly filled with those who are dead. Yet, the walk and all the photos I took, plus being out in the sun and fresh air, did so much to lift my spirits.

Today, I'm having one of those days when I start doing one thing, then keep segueing from one thing to another, but not getting much done. My thought is right now, I need to go back to the photos I took and work on them, plus starting on the articles that have a Wednesday deadline. Now, I've gotten some information on adding photos to my articles. I'm also working my way back into the habit of writing articles, whereas for quite a long time I was unable to do that.

GROWTH: I will not let my physical challenges have an effect on my emotional state.

CHALLENGE: Find out how much it costs to renew my license for more than one year, put aside the money when I have it and MAKE and appointment.

TODAY'S THOUGHT: When I feel like I'm in an emotionally distressful place - crawl from the wreckage.

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