Thursday, May 17, 2012

Uncertain Day...

Up & down & back again & all over the place. Not sure where I am right now. Last post was a few days ago. Several hours before, I intended to start writing an article, since there are many good ones on helium today...that intention got tossed into the emotional trash bin. It's late now, but I will do my best to write one article tonight. I always wait until the last day to write the articles, then I can't get all of them done. If I messed around LESS, I could probably earn much more money. I also need to discipline myself to research and write the articles faster. Had an idea to research stock photo sites to see if that's something I could do. I want to get some opinions from Gregg and David. Don't know if that's feasible right now with my skill level, but I won't know until I try, huh?

Okay, found out what shows are on in the fall - well, it wasn't something I NEEDED to do, but I did it. Yeah, not a necessity.

I really want to become more consistent with this blog - it's helping somewhat. I'm actually doing on a more regular basis, maybe it's because it's only for me. Just the need to get my feelings down and hoping that one day I'll have some kind of breakthrough that will lead me to a different way than how I am now. Does that make sense? I'm not sure and not exactly sure I care if it does or not. It feels good just to be writing something emotionally related. Don't want to talk to anyone on the phone. Don't want to see anyone in person. Just needed a CHILL DAY.

Maybe going to see Lisa Marie perform her poetry tomorrow - IF my social anxiety doesn't grab hold of me. I feel like a hermit. Although I don't completely stay home, I just have problems getting myself to events. grrrrrr! Off to do some other things... yeah...writerly type things... 

Need a musical link for today, not sure why...but don't know how to do it.

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