Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday, Saturday...

YES! I made an appointment with DMV to renew my CADL. Gonna do it.

ONGOING - The thought of moving out of LA keeps recycling in my mind. I must make a list of considerations - good, bad, indifferent, ugly...whatever... I love it here. It's been my home for over 30 years, but I feel so SQUASHED in by all the people, concrete, cars, pollution, lack of green & wildlife...everything.'s not going to happen right away, but if the thought is not going away, then that must mean something? Yes? Possibly...

So many things I need to do today and it's already noon. If I think about everything, I'll get paralyzed with anxiety. Once again it's down to one task, one step, one thought at a time. I can make a list and then work on the tasks over next the week. They need to be done, since not doing them and the clutter is crowding my mind. Had a nice chat with Marvin last night and a good one with David this morning. Still dealing with some social anxiety; funny thing is it's even getting to doctors that's affected. Cancelled my appointment with Dr. McAlpin. Will reschedule next week. I also must watch how much I carry on my walks, since my back has been doing better. If I carry too much, then my back is in BAD pain - like I did when I went to Glendale on Thursday - o0o0o0oh, the Americana is NOT a relaxing walk!

Okay. (1) Today I can work on getting to the 99 cents store to buy food for the drive. (2) Then I can do some laundry and (3) work on a couple articles. I'm glad I'm back in the writing mode again. (4) Also, I have photos, but need other ones for the submissions I must write for Poetic Diversity (deadline 5/15) and work on some poems for the Spring Quarterly (deadline 5/26). (5) Get to BB&B to get the cash from not having the 20% coupons when I bought the towels - the color I now love! {Bring Nikon to take better photos of the RedLine!} (6) Last task on the list - GO TO BED EARLY SO I CAN GET UP FOR CHURCH ON SUNDAY.

ONGOING - One other task I have been working on and want to continue - as I have time - is to clean out my photo files. Then take some photos and work on them in Illustrator. I have time, learn one new thing from the manual about working with my Nikon D70. I'm getting better, but I have so much more to learn.

Positive thought - I am alive today, no matter what that means in the scheme of the Universe. I CAN change my situation, but it must first start from within me and with my attitude. Yeah, "Attitude is the Real Disability."

I'm gonna get outta here!

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